A Message from the Bailli Délégué

Monsieur Bertrand de Boutray



Dear Confrères and Consœurs,

Welcome to the Bailliage des Etats-Unis! Like the other seventy-five Bailliages in the world, we are all sharing the same culture, values and traditions that makes the Chaîne so distinctive and exclusive. All our members have a passion of ultimate gastronomique enjoyment that is built with the pleasures of the table.  Food and wine are always a good reason to get together but what makes the experience unforgettable is the everlasting friendship made at the multitude of local, national and international events that are built upon the high standards of the Chaîne’s reputation.

The Chaîne has been in existence for over 600 years and it all started under the reign of one of the most respected and admired King, Louis IX. Not only was he a King but also a Saint. What a credential it is for our Society. Still today we are proudly perpetuating the Royal origin with the Coat of Arms displayed on our ribbon. This is the common bond that unites all our members.


The Bailliage des Etats-Unis is the largest in the world with over 5000 members in all 50 states, including Alaska, Hawaiian Pacific Islands, all the way to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Atlantic. Wherever you live, there will is a Bailliage to welcome you as we always warmly welcome our new members. All our Bailliages are led by vibrant, dedicated, creative and enthusiastic Baillis who are so instrumental to the relevance of our Society.

The Chaîne takes great pride to include many professionals of the hospitality industry in our membership as it is essential to recognize their talents, hard work and dedication they gladly share with us. We also take pride in making a difference in our community with our national Chaîne Foundation.  Thanks to the generosity of our members who provide significant financial contributions to the scholarship funds and grants so our young culinary students can continue their education at various culinary institutions.

Finally, our Passion for the Chaîne is our motto. Passion is visible when members join the Chaîne, sponsor new members, chefs take pride preparing spectacular dinners, members share their wines with their Chaîne friends, members take more responsibility in their Bailliage, regional or national level, making new Chaîne friends. You are invited to join us and we would be thrilled to add a new friend to our amazing international organization.

Bien amicalement et vive la Chaîne !